5245 E Bonanza Road
Las Vegas, NV 89110

(just east of Nellis Blvd)

P: 702-531-1977
F: 702-531-6806

About Us

Kids first (22 of 22)Kids First’s philosophy provides for a creative, well-balanced curriculum that supports each child’s inherent curiosity and drive toward self discovery. Our program is developmentally based, meeting the needs of each individual child. Children learn through experience, so our educational program includes activities that are relevant, experiential and age-appropriate.

Our daily schedule consists of a variety of activities. Children will enjoy music, story and language experiences, group/independent play, teacher and child-initiated activities, indoor/outdoor activities and will have opportunities to develop large muscles and fine motor skills. Children will have opportunities to interact, pretend, create and explore.

Kid’s First provides an environment that is supportive, safe, clean and healthy. This provides an atmosphere that supports exploration, creativity and success.

Kids first (10 of 22)We practice positive methods of discipline. Limit-setting is kind, consistent and age-appropriate. Our goal with discipline is for our students to learn to self monitor their behavior, develop self discipline, enhance self esteem and appreciate how their behavior affects others.

We work with our students in a manner that celebrates people’s differences. Our goal is to strengthen cultural identity and help our students learn to respect and appreciate those that might have a different cultural identity.

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