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Safety is a priority at Kids First. The following outlines some of the things we have done to ensure the safety of the children in our care.

BusSecurity Doors – Admission to the center is controlled by locked doors that allow entry only to our staff and family members that have been given a pass code.

Cameras – The school is monitored by a video cameras system.

Fingerguards – We have installed fingerguards on the door jams to protect those little fingers.

Safe Buses – We do not use 15 passenger vans or minivans to transport children as the federal government has determined that they are not safe for transporting children. We have small versions of the buses that the school system uses. They have many safety features including seatbelts.

school_safetySeparate Playgrounds – Our beautiful playground is divided into four separate age appropriate sections that allow children to play in areas that are appropriate for their developmental level.

Fire Safety – Our entire building is covered by a sprinkler system and fire alarms. We are subject to regular inspections of those systems by a private company and we are inspected by the Clark County Fire Department. We have regular fire drills.

Staff Training – All staff are trained in First Aid and CPR signs of illness, child abuse, child development, and SIDS. Staff training is ongoing in all areas of child development and education. All staff undergo health safety training with Clark County.

Kids first (21 of 22)Staff Screening – All staff undergo a comprehensive background screening through the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department as well as screening and education by the Clark County Health Department.

Health Inspections – Our entire building, including our kitchen, is regularly inspected by the Clark County Health Department.

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