Paving The Way For A Promising Future

Enriching Experiences, Academic Excellence, And Social Success Skills

Paving The Way For A Promising Future

Enriching Experiences, Academic Excellence, And Social Success Skills

Preschool & Childcare Center Serving Las Vegas, NV

Safe Transportation For Your Child

We Safeguard Your Child’s Health

Lifelong Learning Starts
In Pre Kindergarten

Outdoor Fun On The Playground, A Splash Pad, & Playing Hoops

Our four playgrounds have fun features like a splash pad and a basketball court. Add-ons like tricycles, a sandbox, and impressive structures engage your child’s muscles and mind every day.

One Of The Few Programs With A Healthy Food Program, Included in Tuition

We serve three meals a day, along with a snack, to keep your child fueled for early learning fun – count on healthy options rich with fresh fruits and vegetables, and menus without added sugars or dyes.

We Offer A Safe & Clean Environment For Your Child

You deserve the peace of mind knowing your child is safe and happy every day. Our facilities have restricted access and security cameras so that you know your child is safe. Our professional cleaners sanitize and deep clean to keep your child healthy.

Set Your Child On The
Path to School Success

Take direction, write their name, use the bathroom independently, count to ten, and ask for help. Your child will be ready for kindergarten, thanks to nurturing teachers and quality curriculum.

Learn To Read; Read To Learn

Literacy is at the heart of lifelong, continuous learning. Our daily storytimes are fun, spark discussion, and encourage cognitive and language skills that your child will use for a lifetime.

Our Well-Rounded Curriculum Covers Academics & Social Skills

Our curriculum covers math and literacy along with the social-emotional, physical, and cognitive skills your child needs to communicate, think critically, and problem-solve. Your child gains all the skills that set them up for success both in and out of school.

Extras Like Music & Spanish Enrich Your Child’s Day

Music and Spanish are daily enrichments, and we look for ways to encourage learning, such as real-life in-class hatch experiments; children learn as they watch ladybug come into the world right before their eyes.

Disco Parties, Snow Cones, Bounce Houses, & More

Early learning is better when it’s fun. Disco parties, snow cones, and bounce houses are just some of the equipment we roll out for an instant party. And don’t be surprised to see Elmo or Big Bird join in!

Parents As Partners Makes Us All Stronger

We host family events to get to know each other better and take part in creating the nurturing space that helps children thrive. We want to hear from you, conduct parent surveys, and maintain a parent information board to keep you in the loop.

We Help & Support You By Reinforcing Positive Behavior

We overcome negative behavior through redirection, helping your child develop personal responsibility, self-control, and excellent decision-making skills. We believe in strengthening long term relationships based on respect.

Experienced Teachers Dedicated To Your Child

Our carefully chosen team is known not only for their experience but for their compassion, kindness, and for helping children get off to the right start. We lead your child towards health and happiness, and no buts about it, a sense of humor is a must.

Yes, We Proudly Support Families Who Qualify For Subsidy

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