Imagination and Wonder!

Discovering The World Through Active Exploration

Imagination and Wonder!

Discovering The World Through Active Exploration

Older Toddlers | 2 - 3 years | Serving Las Vegas, NV

Understanding The World Through Self-Led Play

The HighScope Curriculum® creates opportunities for your child to learn and discover independently by exploring their surroundings. When they imitate, pretend, create, and investigate, they are always learning!

Providing The Building Blocks For Pre-Literacy

Through frequent storytime, discussion, picture identification, and songs, your young student can recognize words, speak in longer sentences, and expand upon their vocabulary. They learn how to write their name and gain a grasp on patterns and sequencing.

Music, Movement and Sensory-Rich Experiences

Enrichment activities such as dance, music, Spanish, art, and physical education stimulate our child’s mind and senses. These programs increase social skills while refining their fine motor capabilities too.

Preparing Little Ones For Their Entry To School

While kindergarten is still a few years away, your child learns the necessary cognitive and socio-emotional skills they’ll need to succeed. They practice listening, taking turns, and raising their hand to speak and start learning about the alphabet, shapes, and numbers.

Twice Daily Outdoor Play In An Epic Playground

Your little one can expend all of their pent up energy playing across over half an acre of space. Staying active helps develop strong bones, build large muscle groups, and improve gross motor coordination.

Fun Events and Festivities Keep Your Child Engaged

An element of excitement and novelty should be part of each day! Your little one always has something to look forward to disco parties, cotton candy surprises, movie screenings, costume days, and afternoons in our bounce house.

Three Nutritious Meals and Yummy Snacks

Your child’s menu is fully customizable based on their sensitivities or allergies and boasts healthy ingredients. As one of the only centers in the area that serves all three daily meals and snacks, our team gains a sense of pride with a healthy food program!

Partnering With Parents To Raise Happy Kids

Teachers work with you at every turn to ensure that you are heard and that you have the proper resources at your disposal. Surveys get your feedback and a bulletin board filled with helpful with current information.

Your Child's Health and Safety Are Prioritized

Maintaining your child’s well-being is essential to their growth and development. Thus, our team has implemented safety measures such as frequent handwashing, sanitizing all toys and surfaces after use, CCTV camera monitoring, doors that require keycode access, and a fully-enclosed yard.

Your Child Excels With All The Academic & Social-Emotional Skills They Need.