A Loving, Child-Centric Environment

Learning Through Play While Developing Independence

A Loving, Child-Centric Environment

Learning Through Play While Developing Independence

Young Toddlers | 13 - 15 Months | Serving Las Vegas, NV

Gross Motor Play Happens Outdoors Every Day

Your toddler’s balance and coordination improve as they crawl, climb, and play with their peers on our age-appropriate playground. They develop their gross motor skills while strengthening bones and muscles by staying active.

Three Healthy, Nutritious Meals And Snacks Provided

Our preschool is one of the few in the area that serves all three meals and snacks throughout the day at no cost to you. Everything on our menu is nut-free, full of nutrients, and customizable based on food allergies.

Your Child Is Safe At All Times Under Our Care

Security features such as a fenced-in yard, CCTV camera monitoring, and doors that require keycard access keep your little one safe around the clock. Meanwhile, all surfaces and toys are sanitized after each use to prevent the spread of germs.

Learning Through Active Play and Exploration

Children discover their surroundings and exercise their imagination through a unique blend of the Creative Curriculum® and HighScope Curriculum®. A strong academic foundation promotes independence, problem-solving, and decision-making.

A Foundation For Early Language Development

Reading books, telling stories, singing songs, and frequently dialoguing with your little one helps them gain the building blocks of pre-literacy. Research shows that the more caregivers talk to toddlers, the more diverse and profound their vocabulary becomes.

Enriching Activities That Stimulate The Senses

Music and movement, circle time, language lessons, physical education, and crafts develop your child’s heart, mind, and body. These activities allow them to express themselves creatively while exploring new sensory experiences.

Fun Parties Bring On Lots Of Joy And Laughter

Exciting events happen regularly, engaging your child in exciting learning. From disco parties to the preschool owner dressing up as Elmo, there is a fun time awaiting your child right around the corner.

Partnering With Parents Keeps You Involved

Participate in daily activities and bond with your little one in the classroom. Please give us your take by answering surveys, as your opinion matters. Check out the parent board packed with useful resources too!

Your Child Excels With All The Academic & Social-Emotional Skills They Need.