Preparing Bright Young Minds

For Their Entry To A Formal Learning Environment

Preparing Bright Young Minds

Preparing Bright
Young Minds

For Their Entry To A Formal Learning Environment

Preschool | 4 - 5 years | Serving Las Vegas, NV

Getting Your Little One Kindergarten-Ready

Getting Your Little One Kindergarten-Ready

Your preschooler has the socio-emotional and school skills to flourish in Kindergarten. Taking turns, raising their hand to speak, and sharing become second nature as they develop a firm grasp of math, science, and literacy!

Skip The Meal Prep And Save On Time

Cooking breakfast and packing lunches in the morning is now a thing of the past when daily meals and snacks are provided. A talented chef serves breakfast, lunch, dinner, and three snacks made from high-quality, nutritious ingredients.

Learning Through Active Exploration and Discovery

The HighScope Curriculum® provides a rich academic foundation while promoting independence, problem-solving, and decision making. Teachers gently guide your preschooler as they imitate and pretend, do art experiments, enjoy stories, discover the outdoors, and play with toys.

Teaching Your Preschooler How To Read and Write

Your child learns how to sound out the alphabet, write their name, and spell out words as teachers work on developing their vocabulary through songs, circle time, and identifying pictures. Everything in our classroom is labeled for easier knowledge absorption.

Enrichments Stimulate Creative Expression

Music to dance, Spanish, art, and physical education, ignite your preschooler’s five senses. These programs enable them to discover new hobbies, try out various experiences, and improve their cognitive abilities.

Numerous Precautions To Keep Your Child Safe

The wellbeing of the students under our care is paramount. Multiple safety measures keep your child healthy and secure, including a fully fenced yard, CCTV camera monitoring, doors that require keycode access, and frequent sanitization of all surfaces and toys.

Frequent Outdoor Play Develops Strong Bodies

Playtime is scheduled twice a day on a large, age-appropriate yard spread out over half an acre of space. Your child gains balance, coordination, and agility on the basketball court, by splashing in our mini waterpark and playing with toys!

Endless Opportunities For Fun and Games

Each day brings an element of fun and novelty, thanks to exciting events. Your preschooler enjoys disco parties, ice cream days, movie screenings, costumed visitors, bounce houses, and much more!

Participate And Help With Your Child’s Learning

We aim to get you as involved as possible in your child’s learning and development. Participate in activities such as readathons, share your feedback with us through regular parent surveys, and browse our board filled with helpful information.

Your Child Excels With All The Academic & Social-Emotional Skills They Need.