Igniting Your Child’s Senses Daily

With Quality Educational Experiences and Meaningful Interactions

Igniting Your Child’s Senses Daily

With Quality Educational Experiences and Meaningful Interactions

Toddlers | 15 - 24 Months | Serving Las Vegas, NV

Huge Yard With A Waterpark, Garden, Splash Pad, And More

Your toddler practices their balance, agility, and coordination while building gross motor skills during twice-daily outdoor time. Our ½ acre yard has a mini waterpark, garden and lots of toys!

Child-Led Learning And Two Brilliant Curriculums

Teachers use the Creative Curriculum® and HighScope Curriculum® to help your toddler explore based on their interests. Through self-guided play, they’ll begin to understand the world around them by imitating, pretending, listening, and creating.

Enrichments Encourage Creative Self-Expression

Fewer tantrums happen when your child feels heard. Enrichments such as dance, Spanish, music, physical education, and art give them added means for self-expression.

New Vocabulary and Pre-Reading Skills Now

Your toddler can now recognize sounds, blend consonants, learn new words, and name the pictures they see in books. Pre-literacy starts with storytime, verbal communication, and visual identification.

Recreational FUN Takes Center Stage

There’s no need to use the excuse of a special occasion to have tons of fun! Your toddler enjoys disco parties, costume days, surprise ice cream treats, movie screenings, bounce houses, and more.

Three Complimentary, Nutritious Daily Meals

Meals and snacks made from fresh, healthy ingredients are entirely free from nuts. Junk food is not on the menu, and of course, expect customized meal plans based on your little one’s sensitivities or allergies.

Your Toddler’s Safety Is Always A Top Priority

A variety of security measures ensure that your little one is kept out of harm’s way throughout the day. Doors require keycard access, our yard is fully fenced in, and CCTV cameras monitor grounds.

Parents Are Involved Every Step Of The Way

Regular events and activities encourage you to encourage your toddler’s learning. Drop by to read with us during storytime, celebrate Mother’s and Father’s Day in our classroom, and bond with your precious child.

Your Child Excels With All The Academic & Social-Emotional Skills They Need.