Guiding Your Sweet Baby’s Growth

A Loving Start To Your Baby's Learning Journey

Guiding Your Sweet Baby’s Growth

A Loving Start To Your Baby's Learning Journey

Infants Daycare | 6 weeks - 1 year | Serving Las Vegas, NV

Covid Safety Measures For Your Baby’s Health

Upon arrival, all staff and children’s temperatures are checked. Anybody who has one over 100 degrees is asked to go home, returning only with the permission of a doctor. All laundry is washed regularly and toys, counters, and supplies are sanitized after each use.

Safety Measures That Protect Your Baby

Once they get moving, your little one’s quick as they crawl while exploring! To ensure your baby is safe, we monitor all rooms by a closed-circuit camera. Enjoy extra peace of mind knowing all doors require keycode access.

Caring Teachers To Bond With Your Child

Plenty of cuddles and one-on-one attention make sure your little one thrives. Creating a healthy attachment between your baby and their teacher helps them feel at ease, loved, and comfortable.

Learning At Their Own Level And Pace Every Day

Your baby gains knowledge through experimentation and interactions with their environment, events, and others. Teachers offer guidance by playing alongside babies at their level and pace while following an age-appropriate Creative Curriculum® and HighScope Curriculum®.

Daily Music, Movement, Circle Time, And Art

Creative activities excite the senses, which improves social, emotional, and cognitive development. Daily enrichments gently challenge your child in new ways that stimulate their growth.

Exploring The World Through Outdoor Play

Playing in our baby-centric age-appropriate yard lets your child soak up new sounds, sights, and experiences as they process the world around them.

Introducing Your Baby To Nutritious Solids

Your baby’s feeding schedule is respected until they start solids. Delicious foods made of healthy ingredients are the start to healthy food choices, once they are ready.

Get Involved In Your Child's Development

Participate in activities such as readathons and special holiday celebrations and create memories with your baby. Share your thoughts through surveys and enjoy access to a parent board filled with beneficial resources for you.

Your Child Excels With All The Academic & Social-Emotional Skills They Need.